Dax Harwood is one of the most active AEW stars on social media, ever since he started his own podcast. Harwood is now giving his opinion on various topics, and he recently disclosed backstage incident with Bobby Fish after an issue with him during a live television event.

Dax Harwood and his tag team partner Cash Wheeler, collectively known as FTR, are currently members of the AEW roster and are regarded as one of the most talented tag teams in the wrestling business. However, he recently disclosed a backstage altercation with former AEW star Bobby Fish that led to Harwood punching him.

During a match between Bobby Fish and CM Punk on AEW television, Fish claimed that he thought Punk wanted him to kick out of his finisher, the GTS, after he grabbed his wrist in their match. Dax Harwood was asked about Bobby Fish kicking out of the GTS right at the count of three during the latest episode of his FTR with Dax podcast. He then had something interesting to say.

“What I will say about that is a couple things. One, I was never going to let this be known, but Bobby did an interview about this and that’s ok. He and I get along great, and before this and after this, we get along great. We talked about the families, his marriage. We talked about real estate and investments and things like that, so we get along great. I wanted to preface that before anybody finds a headline, but there was an issue he and I had on live TV where I felt he was taking advantage of me and things got very, very, very, very heated on stage, and I accidentally, well not accidentally, I punched Kyle because I thought Kyle was getting involved as well.


We got to the back. We had to be separated, but then thirty minutes later, we apologized, we hugged, and we’re good. “As far as the kick out goes, I’ve taken many pins in my career, obviously, and I have got the squeeze, and the squeeze to me means thank you, and that’s what I think and that’s what I was taught. Maybe Bobby was taught differently. I don’t know. But those are my feelings on Bobby. Great guy to me. We get along personally. We had our little flare up where we threw hands and we got over it just like men do and moved on.”

Dax Harwood concluded that both he and Bobby Fish moved on from that incident and remain good friends. In 2022, Harwood and Cash Wheeler made history by becoming the holders of three different tag team championships, ROH, AAA, and IWGP World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, at the same time.

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