Vince McMahon shocked the world when he dropped a press release stating it would be in the company’s best interest if he returns to the board to facilitate a sale. Within 24 hours, WWE sent out a press release of their own confirming Vince’s return. Now the company is apparently up for sale, and this is a huge topic of conversation.

This announcement led to speculation that WWE may be looking to sell the company. This resulted in many fans speculating about who could potentially end up buying the company. One name that has been constantly on everyone’s mind is AEW co-founder Tony Khan. The Khans have the money to purchase the company from the McMahons.

The big question remains would Vince McMahon even consider selling the company to Tony Khan or Shad Khan,Tony’s father, since they may just be purchasing it without caring about continuing the legacy? According to PW Insider, Vince McMahon would give up controlling power in the event of a sale, meaning that the buyer can choose whether to continue the business or shut it down for good. Therefore, the company’s future is not in Vince’s hands once the sale is complete.

“First if Vince is selling for many billions of dollars, he gives up power over how WWE would be used going forward (at least he should in any deal done by a competent lawyer). In exchange for money, he gives up control of the legacy. He can hope it carries on but once he sells, he gives up complete control unless he finds a rube to buy it. I am sure that the Khan’s could put together the money to buy it if they wanted to but it will be very expensive and as mentioned above, if the TV rights deals change for the worse, it’s a bad investment. WWE’s revenue has become very, very dependent on rights fees.”


Shad Khan is reportedly worth $11.5 billion dollars. Naturally, he could afford to buy WWE. The big question is whether the Khans want three pro wrestling companies in the family. Obviously, this is not going to happen, but it’s an interesting thing to think on.

It’s almost impossible to fathom Vince McMahon giving up complete control of the company to anyone. However, for the right amount of money, anything is possible. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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Sunil Joseph

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