WWE included a few big stories on this week’s three-hour episode of RAW. Naturally, some fans weren’t blown away with the presentation, but they seemed to include all the necessary elements.

The Judgment Day won a tag team turmoil match this week. Uncle Howdy confronted Alexa Bliss, and Bayley wrestled Mia Yim, but the event wasn’t a hit with everyone. Former WWE official Jimmy Korderas believes WWE didn’t take the “night off” with RAW this week.

On his latest edition of his Reffin Rant, the former WWE official admitted that “not every show can hit a home run every week.” Jimmy Korderas still didn’t justify the product WWE released on Monday.

Jimmy Korderas appreciated the talent on the show. He said everyone involved “worked very hard.” Korderas added that it isn’t always enough to ensure a successful show, especially one that lasts three hours.


I don’t think they took a night off … they got into their characters, we saw more storyline developments and that sort of thing. But it also felt like WWE didn’t put their best foot forwards in presenting a show that kept you on the edge of your seat for most of the night. … Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of good stuff on there.

While several aspects of the show impressed Jimmy Korderas, he felt WWE “took it easy because of what was going on elsewhere on another channel.” He referred to the college football national championship game. Of course, WWE competes against a variety of sports throughout the year, and the company is well aware that ratings will drop as a result.

Korderas, on the other hand, believes that during certain times, it is critical to “put your best foot forwards and do your absolute best, even against stiff competition.” You watch the Reffin Rant video below. Keep an eye on Ringside News for more.

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h/t to Wrestling Inc.

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