WWE saw Vince McMahon muscle his way back onto the company’s Board of Directors, and he will help facilitate a potential sale and television rights talks. Naturally, a lot of people within the company incredibly interested to know what is going on, and what could be next for them.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about the company’s current situation. After he remarked that WWE plans to sell before entering into new television rights talks, he explained that many are nervous within the company now, because Vince McMahon reputation of mass firings could continue.

“The morale was much better [without Vince McMahon]. Now, everyone’s worried again, because it’s like ‘if Vince is in charge and they’re trying to sell, does that mean they’re going to start doing cuts again?'”

Vince McMahon’s regime was responsible for firing a lot of talent in the name of budget cuts, a classic move when a company is preparing to sell. Triple H brought back a lot of those stars that Vince McMahon and company fired, so only time will tell if Mr. McMahon has anything to say about the additions to the company’s roster once he settles back into power.


We will continue keeping an eye on this ongoing story here at Ringside News. Obviously, this is a situation that could affect the company’s creative direction on television, something that many in the company expect at this point.

Transcription by Ringside News

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