Vince McMahon announced his departure from WWE following the emergence of a nasty sex scandal in the summer of 2022. The billionaire reinstated himself to the Board of Directors earlier in the day. It appears that the top WWE management knew of McMahon’s attempts to make a comeback for quite some time.

Dave Meltzer reported during the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince had been trying to return to the company for sometime. The veteran journalist dismissed the impression that the 77-year-old blindsided top officials with his move back to power.

“All of the members of the board were all aware of everything that was happening. Obviously, they knew because they wrote the letter. He (Vince McMahon) wrote the first letter and then they wrote the letter on December 27th. But there was an awareness of this for sometime that he was trying to get back and, obviously, they were trying to block him from getting back.

“So, you know the idea that the top top people were blindsided by Vince’s move. Well, obviously they weren’t blindsided because they knew he was trying and because they knew what he could do to get in. As far as some people are worried, like the recent hires, people that Vince fired that are now back. The answer is that they absolutely knew, for sometime, that it was a possibility.”

WWE held an emergency meeting to address McMahon’s return to the company. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were among the top officials who led the meeting. It was noted that McMahon’s return would not affect the day-to-day operations.

McMahon previously wrote to WWE that he wanted to make a return in order to help maximize shareholder value and to lead the way for a potential sale. Saudi Arabia has also expressed interest in buying WWE, provided the shareholders agree to sell it.

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