Alexa Bliss has been making the rounds around the wrestling world due to her recent antics. Bliss is looking to once again embrace her dark side. Moreover, after stating to stay off social media, Bliss bounced back with a bold statement for the entire WWE.

Apart from her exceptional program with Bray Wyatt during the pandemic era, Alexa Bliss has not done much of note when it comes to having great in-ring bouts and championship reigns since 2018. However, things are looking to change for the former 5-time WWE Women’s champion.

Alexa Bliss recently posted a warning on Twitter, claiming that her most volatile version is back to cause carnage. Moreover, this comes just days after Alexa Bliss decided to stay off Twitter to focus on improving her mental health. Instead of taking hiatus, she simply put her account on protected status. It’s very possible that Alexa just could not stay away from being the center of attention.

The B*tch is back.” 


Alexa Bliss is currently feuding with Bianca Belair over the RAW Women’s championship. This week saw Bliss lay a heinous beatdown on the EST of WWE during their title match, indicating that their rivalry is far from over.

Do you think Alexa Bliss will become the next RAW Women’s champion? Sound off in the comments!

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