There are many options out there to keep kids out of trouble. The world is full of temptation and people who don’t have the best ideas for young, impressionable minds. It seems that Scrypts used that childhood activity to pursue career.

Scrypts was once known as Reggie on the WWE main roster, but then the former 24/7 Champion disappeared. He showed up as Scrypts in NXT, but it was pretty easy to tell who is under that acrobatic mask.

While speaking on Tapis Rouge, Scrypts explained how getting involved in the circus at a young age helped him stay out of trouble.

“I started circus at the age of 11 in St. Louis, Missouri. It was something that I did after school that kept me out of trouble … It was an outlet to showcase me and what I love to do, but it also, it was just an escape. An escape from all the poverty, the drugs, the gangs, the crazy stuff from my neighborhood.” 


Scrypts also added how he made that transition from Cirque du Soleil to pro wrestling. “It’s so crazy how effortlessly the transition was. In my eyes, I’ve been training for this role for 16 years. Everything I learned in circus helped me prepare and get this spot in WWE.”

We’ll have to see what’s next for Scrypts in NXT. He has a ton of potential, and his athletic ability coupled with a marketable mask could see him make WWE tons of money in the future if he can connect with a younger demographic.

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Felix Upton

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