WWE introduced Reggie to the main roster as Carmella’s sommelier, but that role didn’t last forever. The former Cirque du Soleil performer eventually had a few other stories on the main roster before getting sent back to NXT, where he now performs as Scrypts. It turns out that Scrypts entrance in WWE was a very unusual one.

The “Tapis Rogue!” podcast recently sat down for an interview with Scrypts. He revealed that his first time in a WWE ring came when the company wanted to set up an exchange program with his former circus employer.

“It was 2019. We’re in Orlando and the first week the coach comes to us and goes, ‘Hey WWE wants to do an exchange with you. Would you guys be willing to go to their headquarters and train a day as a wrestler, then they would come here and train a day as a Cirque du Soleil artist?’ I said, ‘Heck, yeah. Been a huge fan of wrestling my entire life. Let’s do this.'”

We will have to see what’s next for Scrypts in WWE. Odds are he will continue impressing fans with his unique move set, full of action that nobody sees coming.


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Felix Upton

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