It was a somber day in the wrestling world as the news of Don West’s passing spread throughout the industry. A beloved and respected figure, Don had made a name for himself as one of the most talented and successful wrestlers of his generation.

As tributes poured in from fans and fellow wrestlers alike, one man couldn’t help but feel a particularly heavy sense of loss. Jeff Jarrett, a close friend and fellow wrestler, knew that he owed much of his own success to the guidance and mentorship of Don West.

In a heartfelt statement, Jeff Jarrett paid tribute to his friend and mentor, sharing stories of the countless hours they had spent training and strategizing together in the ring. He spoke of Don’s boundless passion and dedication to the sport, and how his wisdom and guidance had helped to shape Jeff into the wrestler he was today.

“Rest in Peace and Power Don West: When I received the text from Don’s wife, Terri, earlier today on his passing I had an overwhelming feeling of mixed emotions—so happy and relieved for him that he was out of pain and his cancer was gone;but, the finality of his death was..


… so dark and it hurt. We FaceTimed just a few days ago-and because of his situation it’s the only conversation that I’ve ever had with him that I got to do all the talking and I’m sure he hated that! ha.

We reminisced, laughed, and I got the final opportunity to tell him I loved him and that I will see him again one day! The 1st picture is from the last time we were on stage together — Chicago Starrcast. I will miss my buddy… Love ya D-Dub!”

More than just a colleague, Don had been a true friend and a constant source of support and encouragement to Jeff. His passing left a hole in Jeff Jarrett’s heart as he lost a dear friend, but he knew that Don’s legacy would live on through the countless wrestlers whose careers he had helped to shape.

As he looked back on the memories he had shared with Don West, Jeff Jarrett couldn’t help but feel grateful for the time they had spent together. He knew that Don would always be with him, not just in his thoughts, but in the very essence of his wrestling career. And with a heavy heart but a sense of determination, Jeff vowed to honor his friend’s memory by continuing to strive for greatness in the ring, just as Don had always done.

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H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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