Chyna was one of the most popular female stars of the Attitude Era. She was known as the Ninth Wonder of The World for her impressive strength and physique. Chyna was also one of the original members of DX.

During her WWE tenure, Chyna was a ground-breaking superstar who was the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble match, the King of The Ring tournament. She was also the first woman to ever win the Intercontinental Championship.

To honor her legacy, A&E are doing a documentary on the former Intercontinental Champion. Speaking on a recent episode of his Foley is POD podcast, Mick Foley mentioned that his daughter will also be part of the documentary.

“This is something I cannot supply for our podcast because our friends at A&E are really super enthusiastic about the Chyna documentary they’ve put together. They feel like they tell a great story. I mentioned my daughter, and they were asking about this relationship with my daughter, [their] friendship. I said, ‘Would you like to ask her? She’s visiting, she’s in town.’ So I make a quick call, [and] Noelle will be part of the documentary,” Mick Foley said.


Mick Foley revealed during the episode that he has been on the hunt for some of Chyna’s memorabilia, and some of it will probably be on display at the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event.

“I have gone out on the road pursuing some of Joanie’s most memorabilia, and it’s been a great journey, and an honor to try to track it down, and bring it to a place where it can be enjoyed by tens of thousands of people, which we believe at this point will be at the Royal Rumble. So it’s been really good to be there hands-on, trying to track down some of those incredible memories that she created for us,” Foley said.

Over the past several years, Chyna’s name hasn’t been mentioned as much, given the role she played in making the women’s division what it is today. It will be good if WWE displays Chyna’s memorabilia at The Royal Rumble. Stay tuned to Ringside News for live coverage of the Royal Rumble.

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