Dexter Lumis is credited as one of the most strange and bizarre characters in WWE today. However, that personality itself has made Lumis a popular name among the WWE Universe. But this could have gone totally opposite, as revealed by a WWE executive who had a different pitch for Lumis’ character.

Dexter Lumis signed with WWE in 2019. He made his televised debut on the July 17th edition of WWE NXT, losing to Bronson Reed as a part of the NXT Breakout Tournament. His most popular program in WWE to date has to be his on-screen romance and chemistry with Indi Hartwell.

The former NXT superstar has been billed from Recluse, Wyoming. However, WWE Executive Road Dogg recently revealed that he had proposed Dexter Lumis to be from Skinwalker Ranch, a place synonymous with paranormal activities. He spoke about this on the latest episode of his podcast, “Oh, You Didn’t Know.”

“I wanted him to be from Skinwalker Ranch. There’s a show called Skinwalker Ranch and there’s a place called Skinwalker Ranch, and the truth about Skinwalker Ranch is that there’s a bunch of paranormal activity that happens out there, or [at least] it’s reported. A lot of UFO sightings, a lot of cow mutilations, a lot of stuff. The show had just come on and I had just started watching it. I was like ‘Oh man, show is cool.’ …[Hunter] just buried it straight away and [now] he’s from somewhere [else].”


Dexter Lumis was released from WWE in April 2022. He made his return in just four months under the new creative regime led by WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H on the August 8th, edition of Monday Night RAW.

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