Maria Kanellis has been involved in every significant part of the wrestling business lately. Whether running her own promotion or appearing as an on-screen talent, Kanellis is doing everything. However, she recently revealed that her Facebook has been hacked and is being used for other purposes.

The invasion of social media accounts of superstars can often lead to serious implications and leakage of private content, as seen in the past. Maria Kanellis recently announced on Twitter that her official Facebook account has been hacked and is currently being used for running advertisements and propaganda.

“Hello I hate to report that… is no longer my Facebook. It has been hacked and is now being used for ads and propaganda.”

Maria Kanellis is currently appearing as part of ‘The Kingdom’ faction alongside her real-life husband Mike Bennett and Matt Taven in AEW. She is one of the few female Wrestling stars to appear for every major promotion in the United States such as WWE, ROH, and IMPACT Wrestling.


We have seen many pro wrestling stars’ accounts being hacked, leading to their private content being leaked to the public and stars facing humiliation and mental stress. Sometimes those hacker are looking to scam fans as well, but in this case they hijacked an account for free advertising. Let’s hope Maria Kanellis does not face any significant issues in getting access to her account once again.

Do you think Maria Kanellis will get her social media account back? Sound off in the comments!

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