Ahmed Johnson was built like a tank and looked like he would tear up the “attitude” era of WWE. Chyna was also one of the up-and-coming stars back then. Despite Chyna’s strong booking, during their time in WWE, Ahmed Johnson refused to sell to the 9th Wonder of the World.

On Foley is Pod, Mick Foley discussed how celebrities were refusing to sell for Chyna. He remembered that Ahmed Johnson had also denied selling for Chyna in the past. Johnson also refused to be put down by Kurrgan which finally led him to leave the company.

At first, a few members of the roster weren’t willing to let Chyna use her moves on them. During his brief tenure with the WWE, Ahmed Johnson was a prominent name and was on the roster. However, he rejected the notion of picking a fight with Chyna.

“No [on if he had an issue selling for a woman]. And I was the first one. And I don’t want to denigrate someone who is not on the crew who made a couple of bad decisions. He ultimately left because he wouldn’t put over Kurrgan; I’m talking about Ahmed Johnson. But Ahmed wasn’t going to sell for her.” 


Chyna became well-known during the Attitude Era because she altered how female wrestlers were perceived by the audience. The former member of D-Generation X makes a living by defeating opponents in the ring. Even more impressively, she twice won the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Mick Foley, incidentally, was the first male celebrity to agree to a brief encounter with Chyna. Although he didn’t intentionally suggest the idea, the WWE Hall of Famer clarified. However, he waited for the ideal opportunity to share the occasion with one of his closest colleagues.

Although Ahmed Johnson was clumsy at work, he was passionate in the ring. If he had concentrated more on his abilities than on the predetermined events in the ring, he would have become a tremendous superstar with many more achievements to be proud of.

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