Batista was a part of the WWE’s Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental program between 2000 and 2002. However, the on-screen manager of the promotion’s weekly television shows, Kenny Bolin, once made a remark about The Animal’s ex-wife during that time, and it needed to be settled.

Kenny Bolin recently appeared on Rene Dupree’s Cafe de Rene podcast, where he recalled a time when numerous OVW stars were scheduled to attend a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. Bolin made a joke about the wrestler’s ex-wife Angie when The Animal asked if he may accompany them in a car.

“I said, ‘Dave, I don’t think we’ve got room for you in the car. I think we can take that cute little girl to Cincinnati with us.’ [John] Cena’s laughing, Rico’s laughing, like she’s [obviously not] gonna dump Batista for me.” 

Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette controlled the OVW promotion at the time and  Batista confronted Bolin about his comments, risking the anger of his bosses.


“Knock on my window, Batista’s there. I look at Rico, I said, ‘Well, this can’t f*cking be good,’ so I rolled the window down, I said, ‘Can I help you?’ He says, ‘Mind if I have a word with you for a minute?’ I said, ‘Sure,’ so I get out the car. He says, ‘I know this is probably gonna get me some heat with Cornette, but I just want to tell you I don’t appreciate you hitting on my girlfriend.'”

Batista was known as Leviathan in OVW, a menacing man who wore chains to the ring. Between November 2001 to February 2002, he was the company’s Heavyweight Champion until handing the title to John Cena, who was then going as The Prototype. Obviously, Batista and John Cena’s stories in WWE continued after that, but Kenny Bolin will never forget his close call with the future Drax The Destroyer.

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