AEW has changed lot since its debut back in 2019, because the company has improved in numerous aspects so far. They also leave a lot to be desired. Tony Khan promised that AEW would not insult fan intelligence and have meaningful storylines with proper conclusions. While Khan has delivered that to some extent, many fans feel AEW lacks proper storytelling. Now it seems Khan decided to address that criticism, which he deemed as ‘fake.’

While AEW has a ton of fans who defend the product at any cost, there is a large section of fans who are simply fed up with how the company goes about producing their matches and storylines. In fact, even Eric Bischoff has previously criticized AEW for their lack of proper storytelling.

As he opened up on Fightful’s Grapsody podcast, Tony Khan addressed the critics that AEW lacks proper storytelling and decided to blast that criticism, stating that it is fake.

Wrestling fans are amazing, amazing, amazing people. But, I think in some ways… I think some wrestling fans… Before you are like ‘why is this match happening?’


They shouldn’t do this match. There’s no build.’ Maybe it’s the start of something. How do you know?

Like, people, when we announced there’s going to be a trios royale and, you know, Mox and Darius are going to have a match. Well, first of all, they’re both going to be involved in this match. Maybe there’s going to be something there on Friday.

We’ve already told you they’re doing something else. I saw someone says, like, this match was unnecessary. What does that mean? You say it’s not a way that people can watch TV anymore because every match has to have some kind of story to get into it.

Well, what about the story that everyone wants to be the best? That’s how most sports are. There are storylines going into games and matches.

And, the worst criticism, the fakest criticism, there was this criticism of like. People question if there were storylines in the show. Are you s**tting me? There are so many in every show! Out of five or six matches in a show, most of them will have those hooks.

I gotta say, on next week’s show, every match will have a story going into it on Dynamite. Then there’s weeks where there could be a match with two wrestlers wrestling for the first time.

But maybe it’s gonna lead somewhere for one of them, both of them, together or separately.”

Tony Khan also defended Miro’s absence from AEW television. Regardless of what the AEW President says, it is very likely many fans will continue to criticize AEW as they believe the company lacks proper storytelling even now.

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