Miro went to AEW for better opportunities for himself and for some time, that is exactly what happened when Miro became the TNT Champion. Unfortunately, Miro has been absent from AEW television for a long time. Now it seems Tony Khan decided to defend Miro’s absence.

Miro has not been seen in AEW since All Out, and he has not even wrestled on Dynamite for a few months. This is a huge cause of concern for many fans, as they feel Miro is simply being wasted entirely in the company and deserves better.

In fact, Miro’s wife Lana stated that he will return to WWE in the future. While speaking to the Grapsody team of Will Washington, Philip Lindsey, and Righteous Reg, AEW President Tony Khan talked about Miro’s absence from AEW television. He simply defended the absence by comparing similar situations to that of the NFL and NBA and adding that there are simply too much talent on AEW to fit into three hours.

“There are dozens of wrestlers featured throughout Dynamite and Rampage every week, and throughout those hours, you see a lot of names, but there’s also dozens of names in AEW you’re not seeing every week and sometimes they are silent about it. Sometimes there’s a reason for that, somebody’s hurt, somebody’s working on a project, somebody’s being repackaged, or frankly, there’s just not enough slots in three hours. On other sports teams, you don’t really see it as much. It’s not really common in the NFL for the backup quarterback to blame the coach because he’s not playing.


It’s not really common in the NBA for the backup point guard to blame the coach because he’s not getting minutes. I take it and I take it with a smile and I’ll keep taking it with a smile. It’s okay. I understand. Everybody wants to wrestle and everybody wants to do things and everybody is coming from a different perspective. So I don’t want to compare one person’s situation to another because it’s apples and oranges, but we have a lot of great wrestlers here and when they’re here and when we can get everybody involved, I love that.”

There is also the belief that Tony Khan might feel pushing Miro might be waste. The former Rusev wants to win the AEW World Title in the future. Regardless, we’ll have to see what the future holds for Miro when it comes to his status in AEW.

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