Cora Jade has become popular name in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT with her amazing in-ring talent and captivating persona. However, Cora recently took a shot at men working out in the gym who seemed to go out of their way to helping her out at the gym. Apparently she doesn’t like this type of thing and neither to other woman.

The NXT Star has been a top prospect in the entire NXT women’s division with many fans believing that she is destined to be a main event star in the future. Cora Jade on the other hand called out certain men in the gym on Twitter who go out of their way to rack and unrack weights for women and is now asking them to stop.

“I don’t know what makes men at the gym think women want them to rack and unrack their weights for them but I’m gonna go ahead and speak for all of us and say PLEASE STOP.”

Cora Jade started her wrestling career in 2018, debuting for the Illinois-based Kaiju Attack Wrestling promotion. She then moved on to make a few appearances for IMPACT Wrestling and AEW, not before signing with WWE in January 2021 and being assigned to NXT. Cora Jade has won the NXT Women’s tag team title once with Roxanne Perez. Therefore, it could be interesting to see both former partners collide in a high-stakes title match at a major NXT show.


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