The Undertaker is one of the most renowned figures in the history of professional wrestling. His peers’ respect elevated him to the position of locker-room leader. However, in the later stages of his career, The Undertaker experienced terrible pain after matches.

WWE star Drew McIntyre recently appeared in an interview with Sony Sports India, where he recalled how throughout the latter stages of Taker’s career, he would often see Taker in excruciating pain after bouts. He claimed that the veteran required assistance moving backstage, but no one could tell from the way he moved once the bell rang, and he entered the ring.

“The Undertaker character he protected so much. But then during the Last Ride documentary series he really opened up and he showed you. I watched him in pain, he couldn’t walk backstage. He was being helped. He tried not to show anybody. But I saw him privately, what he looked like. In the ring you would never know, he was flying all over the place, he was giving his all. That stuck in my mind.”

The Undertaker mentored Drew McIntyre when he first entered the WWE. The Scottish Warrior and The Deadman had few fights inside the ring as a result of their growing friendship over time. Stay tuned to Ringside News to get more updates regarding the WWE veteran.


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