Controversy has always surrounded Control Your Narrative. Everything from the promotion opening the door to conspiracy theories to just plain terrible wrestling has been levelled at it. EC3 recently opened up about his complete control of the moves and the narrative.

Certain maneuvers in Control Your Narrative are prohibited by EC3, who claims that this is done to make them more potent when they are used. In an interview with the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, EC3 detailed why superkicks, Canadian Destroyers, and tope suicidas were forbidden before CYN debuted.

The former TNA Heavyweight Champion came up with Control Your Narrative after being asked whether the promotion needed to forbid specific wrestling moves. EC3 would give an explanation of his choice of actions, and apparently, banning moves does the trick.

“Part of my reality towards wrestling is how these amazing athletic moves are thrown away by overuse. They have no effectiveness. They have no reason. They have no rhyme, and these are some of the coolest “quote” moves, physical feats that wrestling has to offer, and they’re just they’re thrown away. So by banning them, I therefore made them far more, you know, effective than they have ever been. They mean more, and there have been super kicks on CYN Shows. Every time that’s happened, maybe the Ref’s back was turned, maybe someone got disqualified, but every time somebody got kicked in the face, they were hurt and they lost. So it works. My superkick’s work in my company.” 


A few moves were prohibited by EC3 before his promotion started. On his Instagram account, he published the promotion’s restrictions earlier this year. In a September interview with NBC Sports Boston, EC3 stated that the company would require a reevaluation, after its main star Braun Strowman departed to rejoin WWE.

CYN has been on hiatus since their last tour in July, when Braun Strowman rejoined WWE. EC3 has been working for the NWA since. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more.

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Shubham Banerjee

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