For many years, Vince McMahon presided as WWE’s chairman and had the last say in all decisions made within the organization. He was not without controversy, since many people have the opinion that he is a nasty person due to his dubious conduct. Recently, a former WWE Vice President recalled working with Vince McMahon.

Michael Mansury, a former WWE Vice President of Global Television Production, discussed developing an “anti-WWE product” under the Vince McMahon administration. From 2009 to 2020, Mansury worked for WWE while Vince McMahon was still the organization’s CEO. Many people in the organization throughout his tenure there thought he’d eventually replace Kevin Dunn.

Mansury reflected on his time spent working on the NXT brand during an interview with Renee Paquette for The Sessions. He also discussed the “anti-WWE product,” developed under the Vince McMahon management.

“To this day, probably the most magical in my career (Mansury said about his time working on NXT) and as cheesy as it sounds to use a word… you (Renee Paquette) were there, you were a part of it, you know.


“While still under the WWE umbrella, we were kind of all together creating the anti-WWE product.

“It was a combination of just good old-fashioned sports entertainment from the late 80s where we’re creating all these characters but also leaning into what wrestling had become in the early 2010s.

“You’re hearing all the buzz about Ring of Honor, PWG, all these promotions have, right? And in essence, a lot of the very best of the best from the indie scene found themselves at NXT but a nice litany of folks had converted over from being — you know, guys like Baron Corbin who were in the NFL, etcetera.

“So there was this nice collection of talent down there and there was a collection of talent behind the scenes that were all hungry and looking to establish themselves and I don’t know that anything in my career is gonna replicate what those first few years of NXT were like because it really was just an unbelievably special moment and it just felt like a movement, you know what I mean?”

It should be noted that the former WWE Chairman was forced into retirement when a hush money scandal was made public. Vince McMahon was accused of sexual assault, among other things, and that public controversy only continues to this day. Vince McMahon also wants to return to WWE, but many people are vehemently against it. 

Meanwhile, AEW has recently appointed Mansury to the position of Senior Vice President & Co-Executive Producer for the promotion. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more.

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