Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler were known as The Revival during their WWE days. The duo dominated NXT’s tag division, but weren’t given the right opportunity to replicate the success on the main roster.

Harwood recently appeared on the Gentleman Villain podcast to promote his upcoming podcast. For those wondering, Harwood will making his podcast debut on December 29th alongside CM Punk.

Harwood commented on his previous working relationship with WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events Road Dogg, noting that the WWE Hall of Famer once threated to block his move to the main roster.

“So I had my own reservations about him and then come later that year I want to say it was right around December there was some sort of gimmick gauntlet tag team match on SmackDown and for some reason, the fans thought The Revival were gonna make their debut there. The fans were Tweeting and freaking out over it and the match was over. We were heels so I went on Twitter and said, ‘If you fans thought that we were gonna debut on the main roster in a stupid gimmick gauntlet match you’ve lost your mind’ or something like that.


“At the time Road Dogg was booking and he took offence to that because I wrote stupid gimmick and he proceeded to write on Twitter that if I kept it up, he would make sure I would never make it to the main roster. If I never make it to the main roster that cuts into my money which cuts into the money that I make for my family, which I can provide for my daughter to go through college, or I can make sure my wife has food on the table and that’s what bothered me.

“Then right after he put that Tweet out I got a text from Mark Carrano [former Senior Director of Talent Relations] which led to a call from both those guys to make sure they were covering their tracks because Road Dogg basically said he was gonna make sure I would never have any advancement in the company. Legally they’re not allowed to do that because they’re in powerful positions in the office and for him to say I’m gonna make sure that you’re not gonna move on and you can’t advance your money, legally they shouldn’t be able to do that. So they were trying to cover their tracks.”

Harwood dragged Road Dogg for not thanking him for taking the bump for D-Generation X, Scott Hall, Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson at the 25th anniversary of Monday Night RAW.

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