Mandy Rose was fired by WWE after she dropped the NXT Women’s Championship to Roxanne Perez. While fans believed bigger things were in store for her, they were in for rude awakening. A week after her release, the pro wrestling world continues to talk about Rose’s WWE situation. In fact, Kevin Nash has an issue with WWE firing Mandy Rose, as an independent contractor.

Mandy Rose was let go from her WWE contract due to content she posted behind her premium content paywall. It was reported that Mandy Rose was not even given chance to take down her premium content before her WWE release.

Many fans were shocked Rose was released due to such a reason and pointed out WWE’s double standard in this regard. While speaking on his Kliq This podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash weighed in on Mandy Rose’s WWE firing. Nash made it clear that he has an issue with WWE letting go of Mandy Rose, as she was not doing anything illegal.

 “That’s my problem. If you’re a 1099 — if she’s in wrestling gear and she’s got the NXT belt? Absolutely, crosses the line. If she’s her? I guarantee you that that person that’s on that picture is the same one that’s on her driver’s license. And I guarantee you the check that gets paid to that person is not to Mandy, to the wrestling name. I think again that’s the thing. It’s just, you’re either an independent contractor you’re not…


In this case, obviously she’s not making, I don’t think that Mandy would, if she was making seven figures, be doing anything to subsidize her employment and or income as she’s doing right now. Obviously she’s not making enough money… she’s not doing [anything illegal]. It’s not like she’s a prostitute! It’s not like, she’s not doing anything that’s against the law, you know.”

Mandy Rose has already earned $500K from her racy videos in just one week, and she’s well on her way to waking in $1 million by the end of the year. WWE also isn’t closing the door on Mandy Rose’s return to the company in the future. Regardless, Mandy Rose is making bank, and she is in no rush to work in another company by the looks of it. We’ll have to see what Mandy Rose’s next step will be in pro wrestling.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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