Eva Marie returned to WWE television last year after being gone for over four years. The former Total Divas star made her return on Monday Night RAW, but not many fans were actually all that happy to see her. She was eventually let go from the company again. Marie decided to make the most out of the situation, as she is truly living the life she wants now. In fact, she even shared a video of her first-ever hunting trip.

During her last run in WWE, Eva Marie teamed up with Doudrop and even faced her after they broke up. It did not really matter in the end, as Eva Marie was let go by the company. Doudrop previously admitted she really misses working with Eva Marie, but she hasn’t been back.

The former WWE Superstar is truly enjoying life as she sees fit. As such, Marie recently took to her Instagram and uploaded a video of her reaction after she successfully downed an elk on her first hunt. Marie felt grateful and had a lot of gratitude after the experience.

You are seeing my raw emotions and reactions as I approached my downed #Elk on my first Hunt. I felt Relief, that I downed my Elk quickly and ethically, Excitement, that my #hunt was a success and all the planning and prep were rewarded, but mostly I felt an overwhelmingly sense of GRATITUDE.

Grateful to #God for creating such an incredible and complex natural eco system with a perfect balance of life consuming life that keeps the circle of creation inexorably connected. Grateful for a healthy body that will take me into tough terrain and get the job done. But most of all, I am grateful that I decided to take mine and my families heath into my own hands and provide us with the most nutritious and healthy meat in the world

#Hunting provides a powerful alternative to the grocery stores and empowers people to take their health into their own hands by harvesting truly free-range and organic meat for their families. Game meat is healthy. In comparison to lean cuts of pork and beef, has about one-third fewer calories, more protein, and far less Omega 6’s (harmful fats) and more Omega 3’s (beneficial fats). Wild Game is free of hormones, steroids and other chemicals that are often used to promote growth in animals raised on factory farms. Hunt for your Health!


Eva Marie also recently hinted at returning to WWE, now that Triple H is in charge. Unsurprisingly, this was met with lot of backlash from fans who do not want to see her back at all. Regardless, check out her video below!

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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