Eva Marie’s first run in WWE under Vince McMahon was lackluster, but at least she starred on Total Divas. The 38-year-old wrestled in Triple H’s NXT and on the main roster, but she didn’t make an impression in the ring. With her recent Twitter activity, Eva Marie appears to have hinted return to WWE under the Triple H regime, and fans aren’t happy about it.

Eva Marie returned to WWE in June of last year. Her contract was terminated by WWE before the end of 2021. Since taking over as WWE’s creative director, Triple H has brought back a slew of talents that had previously been put to go by Vince McMahon.

Bronson Reed also made his return to WWE. Then Sean Sapp tweeted that more WWE returns are on the way. Interestingly enough, Eva Marie ‘liked’ the tweet, and Sapp quickly acknowledged it. Needless to say, fans weren’t happy about this social media activity.

One fan wrote: “NO! Absolutely not. Now we’ve gone TOO FAR with these WWE returns. I’ll be damned if I have to deal with Eva Marie. 😑”


Another commented: “There have been a lot of great returns to @WWE since it came under new control; with that being said, there are some returns that simply must NEVER EVER happen (e.g., Eva Marie, Vickie Guerrero). #WWERaw
@WWEUniverse @StephMcMahon @TripleH @bruceprichard @ShawnMichaels.”

A third one said: “@WWE If Eva Marie comes back, a manager role suits her fine. Doesn’t need to wrestle. I got a feeling @JDfromNY206 it may be toxic attraction. Ik how you feel abt Eva Marie as well. Just hoping I don’t get hate from it. Her looks fits the group, not in-ring work tho.”

Eva Marie made her WWE comeback during the pandemic era. Her new gimmick was that celebrity who wanted to help other people. The character change, however, didn’t lead to anything significant, and WWE once again released Eva Marie from her contract on November 4th, 2021.

We will have to wait to see if the teaser turns into reality. Let’s see what’s in store for Eva Marie in the future. You can check out the fan reactions to Eva’s return below.

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