MJF is one of the hottest acts in professional wrestling at the moment. In just a few years of debuting in AEW, MJF has been able to gain lot of traction among the loyal AEW fans. He has constantly proved that there is no one that can hang with him when he’s on the microphone.

Given that MJF is at the top of his game, Enzo Amore appeared recently on the Busted Open Radio and said he can brutalize MJF on the mic in 5 minutes. MJF recently took to Twitter saying that everyone wants to ‘ride the MJF wave.”

“No one can keep my name out of their mouth.

Everyone wants to ride the MJF wave.


I don’t blame them. I’m the best,”

MJF then followed it up with another tweet asking everyone to stop sexualizing the champion of the world, probably referring to himself.

“Ik it’s hard…..but Everyone stop sexualizing the champion of the world,”

Paddy Pimblett kind of no-sold MJF’s recent threats, but we’ll have to see if their rivalry has any legs. If anything, we certainly know that Enzo Amore is game to tangle with the Salt of the Earth.

Enzo is now the latest to get in the crosshairs for the AEW World Champion MJF. However, this rivalry will actually be even more interesting to watch and it would be nice to see it culminate in a match in the future. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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