Jeff Hardy was arrested on DUI in June, another in a long history of substance abuse issues. This was the third time within the past 10 years that Jeff Hardy was arrested for a DUI. His attorney recently filed a motion to postpone the upcoming pre-trial hearing.

According to PW Insider, Jeff Hardy’s attorney filed a motion to postpone this Wednesday’s scheduled pre-trial hearing regarding his DUI arrest in Florida this morning. The motion notes six key points, which you may find below.


Defendant, Jeffrey Nero Hardy, moves to continue the pretrial conference scheduled for December 21, 2022, and in support states:


1. Mr. Hardy is charged by Information with one count of Driving in Violation of Driver’s License Restriction; one count of Driving While License Canceled, Suspended or Revoked; and one count of Driving Under the Influence (third offense).

2. Efforts to resolve the matter by plea agreement have yet to be successful.

3. The State of Florida provided discovery on October 31, 2022 in the form of maintenance records related to the Intoxilyzer 8000 used in this case.

4. Defense counsel requires additional time to examine perceived anomalies reflected in the maintenance records and depose the law enforcement witness responsible for Intoxilyzer maintenance.

5. Undersigned counsel has conferred with Assistant State Attorney Amie Assent, Ms. Assent does not oppose the relief sought by this motion.

6. Undersigned counsel respectfully suggests a continuance of the pretrial conference for approximately forty-five (45) days is appropriate.

Jeff Hardy filed a written plea of not guilty filed with the court on 28th June. If the court approves the delay, it will most likely be rescheduled for February 2023. Hardy’s attorneys renounced his right to a speedy trial and asked that a hearing scheduled for this past July be moved back 60 days to help with his defense.

Jeff Hardy’s scheduled hearing in October was then rescheduled due to a last-minute motion from his attorney, who stated that Hardy’s attorneys “recently provided extensive mitigation materials to the counsel for the State” and that “the parties require additional time to negotiate a potential pre-trial resolution” implying that the two sides are working on a plea agreement that would avoid a trial. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

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