Ken Shamrock made his WWE debut in 1997 debuting as one of the most dangerous in the world. His MMA background made him look and feel like legitimate tough guy. Equipped with an arsenal of vicious strikes and submission holds, Ken Shamrock was expected to become the next big thing in WWE. However, WWE were always reluctant to pull the trigger on him.

During a recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross admitted that WWE were always reluctant to pull the trigger while stating that WWE missed an opportunity when it came to the UFC Hall of Famer.

“I always thought of Kenny as a top guy. He was hard to manage a little bit but in the beginning he wasn’t used to being on the road that many times much. So, he was a great character to build. I have a lot of respect for Kenny and tough guys we know God almighty. He had no problem navigating the locker room cause nobody gave him any shit.

But he was very underrated in my opinion in the pro wrestling world. So, we may have missed an opportunity with him no doubt. I’m with you (Conrad Thomson). If Ken Shamrock had become the Champion as say I would have no problem with that. (He is) believable. His promos were believable because he didn’t memorize his lines. So, it was some good stuff, I’m a Ken Shamrock fan, was then, still am,” said Jim Ross.


At 58 years of age, Ken Shamrock is still in great physical shape and is busy running his own bare knuckle boxing promotion called “Valor.” One can only imagine what would’ve happened had Shamrock become WWE Champion in 1997. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more coverage of such stories.

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