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Tonight’s SmackDown is set to feature a big Intercontinental Championship match as Gunther defends his title against the SmackDown World Cup winner, Ricochet, as Ricochet looks to win back the title that Gunther took from him.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown opens up with Michael Cole saying ‘It’s Friday night, and you know what that means” Rest in Peace, Mr. Brodie Lee.

WWE WOmen’s Tag Team Championship: Liv Morgan & Tegan Nox vs Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky

Our opening tag team championship match begins with Nox hitting a big uppercut to Kai. Kai hits a forearm strike to the head and tags in Sky who is immediately planted with a face buster from Nox and Morgan is then tagged in. Kai hits a kick to the back from the apron as the ref is distracted. Morgan pursues Kai outside and grabs a kendo stick but Nox prevents Morgan from using it, this distraction allows Kai and Sky to take advantage. Morgan goes for a drop kick but Sky and Kai roll out of the ring, where Nox hits them both with a flying cross body.

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The match continues live with Kai hitting a double foot stomp to Nox and covering for two. Sky tags in and hits a drop kick. Sky dodges an enziguri but Nox follows and hits a headbutt as Morgan and Kai are both tagged in. Morgan hits an enziguri and hits a missile drop kick from the middle rope. Sky causes a distraction and Kai hits a running kick to the head, Sky tags in and covers for two. Morgn hits a code breaker and Nox tags in and Nox hits the shining wizard and covers but Kai causes the break at two. Morgan hits a sunset flip powerbomb to Kai from off the ring apron. Sky counters the shining wizard with an uppercut. Off a distraction Bayley grabs Nox but Nox reverses to throw Bayley over the barricade. Nox is kicked in the head from a masked figure who security drag away without the identity being revealed as Michael Cole seems genuinely livid on the call. Sky throws Nox back in the ring and hits the moonsault and covers for three.

Wnners: Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky

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Back live with LA Knight in the ring. Knight says for the past few weeks he’s been blindsided and abducted yet he’s still not getting Bray Wyatt to admit it was him. Knight says all Wyatt has done since coming back is dress like a clown and whine and that he wants Wyatt to wear whatever costume he needs to put on so he can come out to the ring and get stomped out. The lights go out, phone flashlights fill the arena and out comes Bray Wyatt. Wyatt says he is sick of LA Knight, sick of “this entire game we keep playing” Wyatt says he understands why Knight doesn’t believe him, but deep down they both know how this story ends. Wyatt says he’s giving Knight one last time to deliver his message. Knight starts to attack Wyatt as the crowd boos, A static noise plays and the titantron shows a video package centered around Uncle Howdy. Wyatt laughs in the corner as Knight continues to stomp him. Fog fills the entrance ramp as Uncle Howdy walks out, with Wyatt still right there in the ring. Knight looks baffled as he rolls out of the ring with a look of terror on his face. Wyatt himself looks around in confusion and shows a look implying even he doesn’t fully understand what is happening.

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Intercontinental Championship: Gunther vs Ricochet

Before our Intercontinental Championship match begins, Adam Pearce ejects Vinci and Kaiser and sends them to the back immediately. The match officially begins with Ricochet dodging a lariat. Ricochet goes for a take down but Gunther uses the weight advantage to counter with a take down of his own. Gunther hits a hip toss and then a knee drop to the arm of Ricochet. Ricochet dodges a chop and hits a side headlock take down. Ricochet goes for a springboard moonsault but Gunther pushes him off the ropes. Ricochet goes for a springboard dive but is met with a big boot from Gunther who follows outside the ring and slams Ricochet off the barricade.

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The match continues live with Gunther hitting a big chop to Ricochet. Gunther locks in a Boston crab, Ricochet breaks free and hits a kick to the chest. Gunther catches Ricochet and plants him with a back breaker and then locks in the Boston crab again. Gunther transitions to a cross face but Ricochet reaches the bottom rope forcing the break. Gunther knocks Ricochet to the mat with a hard chop and then locks in a choke hold on the mat. Ricochet lifts Gunther up with a fireman’s carry but Gunther breaks free and hits a forearm strike to Ricochet’s lower back. Gunther hits multiple chops in the corner. Ricochet dodges a chop and hits a kick to the back of Gunther’s head and then a drop kick. Ricochet goes for a suplex but Gunther blocks and hits a face buster and follows with a drop kick. Gunther rolls outside and Ricochet hits a drop kick from the apron. Ricochet hits a springboard moonsault to the outside.

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Back live with Ricochet hitting a dive over the top rope to Gunther outside. Back in the ring Gunther chops Ricochet on the top rope and Gunther climbs up and goes for a German suplex but Ricochet flips out to land on his feet. Gunther hits a lariat and covers for two. Gunther goes up top and goes for a splash but Ricochet counters by bringing his feet up. Ricochet hits a vertical suplex to a huge pop and covers for two. Ricochet goes up top and hits a shooting star press and covers but Gunther kicks out at two. Ricochet hits a series of punches and kicks and goes for a drop kick but Gunther hits a chop to Ricochet in mid air and Gunther hits the powerbomb and covers but Ricochet kicks out at two. Gunther hits another chop and follows with the last symphony and Gunther covers for the three count.

Winner: Gunther

After the bell Vinci and Kaiser run out and Braun Strowman runs out to make the save and cause all of Imperium to flee to the back as Strowman helps Ricochet to his feet.

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Back live with Adam Pearce backstage with Roman Reigns with Heyman and Solo Sikoa. Heyman proposes a match to Adam Pearce, and it becomes official, Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens and a partner of his choosing for SmackDown on December 30th (remember who has been announced to make an appearance on that specific show.)

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Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro vs Hit Row vs The Viking Raiders

The match begins with Wilde, Ashante and Ivar as we’ve changed the rules for triple threat tag team matches I guess. Ashante hits a drop kick to send Ivar over the top. Erik runs in to knock Ashante out of the ring. Del Toro and Wilde hit a double missile drop kick to take out Ivar.

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The match continues live with Ashante hitting Erik with a superkick and tagging in Top Dolla who hits a big boot to Wilde. Top Dolla catches Ivar and lifts him up but is hit with a running knee from Erik. Wilde hits a flying cross body to Erik and Top Dolla and then plants Erik with a tornado DDT. Del Toro tags in and hits Top Dolla with a missile drop kick. Del Toro hits a 450 splash and covers Top Dolla for a two count. Ashante hits Del Toro with a DDT and Top Dolla hits Ivar with a big boot. Top Dolla goes for a dive outside but gets his foot caught on the top rope which was brutal to watch. Zelina Vega hits Ashante with a huricanrana and eventually B-Fab and Valhalla both join in a brawl on the outside. Hit Row hit the heavy hitter and Ashante covers Wilde for three.

Winners; Hit Row

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SmackDown returns with Roman Reigns making his way out to the ring with the rest of the Bloodline, including a very excited Sami Zayn by his side. Reigns says that The Bloodline dominated WarGames, and tonight is the night, and that tonight “was gonna be a good night for you (Sami Zayn)” Reigns says we have a Kevin Owens problem, and since he’s a problem for Zayn, he’s a problem for all of them, Reigns tells Zayn the two of them are teaming up to take on Owens and a partner of his choice, and together they will smash Owens and never see him again. Zayn agrees and says Owens has betrayed everyone and that “He’s his only friend” and Zayn tries to backtrack and say he meant that he used to be but he isn’t now. Before this is even acknowledged John Cena appears on the titantron. Cena reveals he got a text from none other than Kevin Owens. Cena references that he has not wrestled a single match in 2022, and John Cena announces himself as Kevin Owens’ partner for the match.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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