The wrestling business has seen generations of the Flair family compete inside the squared circle. However, of all of them, Ric Flair has emerged to become the biggest attraction in the business. His daughter Charlotte Flair has also achieved immense success like her dad, however, The Queen was once torn over her on-screen pairing with Ric Flair coming to an end.

Charlotte Flair made her debut in WWE NXT in 2013. Ric Flair was seen alongside her daughter, and he was even by her side during her match with Natalya, having Bret Hart in her corner at NXT: TakeOver in 2014, where Charlotte defeated the Queen of Harts to win her first-ever championship in WWE.

The Queen moved up to the main roster in 2015 and was again paired with her father Ric Flair shortly after winning the WWE Divas championship. Their heel pairing was well-regarded, but soon came to an end in 2016. WWE executive Road Dogg recently spoke about the split and Charlotte Flair was left at a crossroads to take the next step in her career going in alone. He spoke about this on the latest episode of his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast.

“You know, I think she was torn, and I don’t think she showed it a lot. But I think she was torn as, this is my time, and this is the prime time of my career. And here I am, in his shadow again, you know what I mean?


Or I can understand her thinking that, because I relate and that maybe insecurities talking, but maybe I just I just feel like I felt at times, I wish I could just do this on my own. You know what mean? I think it is too, no matter whose father, brother, sister, whatever, like, man, I love teaming with you. But God, I’d love to get out on my own. You know, just and then the band breaks up.”

Charlotte Flair has reportedly cited frustrations over the years with fans claiming that her success was because of his father’s legacy. However, Flair emerged as one of the top superstars of the modern era with her own skill, in-ring talent, and exceptional character work, becoming a 14-time Women’s champion in WWE.

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