MVP has been a staple of WWE television throughout his two runs with the company. He also has a very bizarre sense of humor that fans may not always understand, and he may or may not subscribe to certain conspiracy theories as well.

MVP had a rough upbringing and grew up fending for himself on numerous occasions. In fact, he spent several years in jail and MVP has always acknowledged how it changed him.

The former United States Champion took to Twitter and announced that if someone asks him if he committed homicide, there is a possibility that it is the truth. On the other hand, if someone says MVP committed suicide, then he stated that it was simply a cover-up for murder.

If anyone ever tells you I committed a homicide, ehhhhh maybe…


If anyone ever tells you I committed suicide, launch a full investigation because you’re being lied to. Expose the cover up!

MVP also recently underwent an MRI for his shoulder. He is currently busy being manager for Omos in order to turn Omos into a legitimate superstar. It remains to be seen how Omos will be booked in the coming weeks. Hopefully, he has many happy years of life ahead of him, so we won’t have to worry about his demise any time soon.

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