Jeff Jarrett rose to prominence with his charisma, in-ring talent, and love for guitars during his heyday. He also made several strong connections through the years. Jeff Jarrett also has lot of cherished memories, especially with Roddy Piper.

The legendary career of WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett spanned 36 years and counting. Jarrett held numerous World Titles over that time, launched his own wrestling enterprises, and worked for a plethora of other organizations in addition to WWE, WCW, and AEW.

Jeff Jarrett also collaborated with Roddy Piper a time or two. The 55-year-old claimed on a recent edition of his podcast My World with Jeff Jarrett that he still has a voicemail from ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper that was left for him prior to Piper’s passing in 2015.

“I love Roddy to the death. This phone right here [Jarrett held up his cell phone]… I’ve still got a voicemail from Roddy. He called me two days before his death for whatever reason.”


In addition, Jarrett talked about Piper’s qualities that he respected, saying that the Hall of Famer “loved the history of the business in so many different ways” and displayed his feelings openly.

Jarrett gave examples of Roddy Piper’s contributions to the history of professional wrestling, including his efforts at WrestleMania I and his collaboration with promoter Don Owen.

“[Roddy] was a super human being. We all have our falls, we all have our ups and downs — that’s my point. I love Roddy. I truly believe Roddy really thought this needs to be said coming from me and there’s a real upside to it. He produced himself.”

Jeff Jarrett also remembered Piper’s infamous attack on Vince Russo in TNA in 2002, in which Piper accused Russo of being responsible for the terrible death of Owen Hart. Jarrett claims that wasn’t the goal, but he thinks Piper felt it was necessary to bring up the matter. For further updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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