The ongoing rivalry between AEW and WWE is well documented. Ever since AEW was started, the company wasted no opportunity in taking digs at WWE. Vince McMahon’s former company showed that they weren’t going to take things lying down, either. AEW’s flagship show Dynamite engaged in a Wednesday Night War against NXT, forcing WWE to change NXT from Wednesday to Tuesday. Still, WWE apparently doesn’t talk about AEW too much backstage.

It’s no surprise that Tony Khan and Nick Khan can’t stand each other. However, while the management is at war with each other, the WWE talent actually doesn’t mind AEW being in business.

Saraya, who was formerly known as Paige in WWE, recently spoke to Forbes saying that WWE wrestlers don’t trash talks AEW. In fact, she noted that they were happy to have another place to wrestle when they are released by WWE.

“When I was backstage in WWE, I didn’t see people talk shit about AEW. People were just happy that there was another place for people to go. When people would get let go in WWE, we’d be so devastated for people. It would be like someone just died or something like that,” said Saraya


It’s good that wrestlers don’t have to limit their options when it comes to promotions they can work for. AEW is certainly good for WWE superstars because we have seen Tony Khan being open to hiring ex-WWE guys several times.

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