NXT has gone through a ton of changes over the past few months, especially after Triple H took over. This included going back to its roots as the black and gold brand. NXT Deadline debuted Iron Survivor Challenge matches and Shawn Michaels addressed their future recently after two very successful outings.

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The NXT Deadline Premium Live Event featured Iron Survivor Challenge matches for the men and women. They were won by Grayson Waller and Roxanne Perez respectively. Fans certainly loved the matches as well, and they might see more of those matches in the future.

While speaking during the post-NXT Deadline press conference, Shawn Michaels was asked about the future of the Iron Survivor Challenge matches.


We will gauge its success. I think it went really well. I think there were a lot of people that expected it to flop. What I really love about here [NXT] is that we’re allowed to try a lot of stuff. We look at this concept and go “Okay, are there a number of different ways we can still continue to mess with it? And can we make it good and exciting on a regular basis?” Then once we figure it all out, we can make an educated decision if it’s something you want to do annually or something you pull out every now and then.

The Iron Survivor Challenge matches were certainly an exciting set of matches for fans. It only took them about two days to get those matches together as well. By the looks of it, fans might be seeing the matches return next year.

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