Ryback is never afraid to tell it as it sees it. He might not have anything to do with WWE anymore, but he still keeps up with the headlines. Ryback recently shared his own eardrum rupture story after Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre’s recent injuries.

Ryback recently took to Twitter to share a true story from his wrestling career. In Deep South Wrestling, he suffered an eardrum rupture. Ryback had to visit the ER because of a full-blown hole in his ear and constant vomiting.

Ryback did not miss any time, and the injury never healed. He couldn’t hear, had frequent ear infections, and he wrestled the entire time. Ryback seemed to make a reference to Reigns and McIntyre’s eardrum ruptures, as they are out of action.

True story. I got my eardrum ruptured in Deep South Wrestling. A full blown hole in my ear, puking all night had to go to ER. Didn’t miss any time in developmental and it never healed. Wrestled my whole time as Ryback not able to hear and getting frequent ear infections. #Levels


Kevin Owens confronted The Tribal Chief during the men’s WarGames match and slapped him across the face, allegedly rupturing his eardrum. Drew McIntyre also announced that he had been medically disqualified from competing. They are expected to return soon because it is only a temporary situation. We’ll have to see if they reply to Ryback’s shady tweet.

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