Kevin Owens confronted The Tribal Chief during the men’s WarGames match and slapped him across the face, allegedly rupturing his eardrum. Drew McIntyre also announced that he had been medically disqualified from competing. It looks like both the top superstars are out of action with the same injury.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Reigns and McIntyre are both currently sidelined following eardrum ruptures at Survivor Series. They are expected to return soon because it is only a temporary situation. None of the post-Christmas shows, not even MSG, feature Reigns.

McIntyre had an injury at Survivor Series, but he continued to work through the December 4th house event in Portland, Maine, not realizing how seriously until he was checked out following the performance. He announced on December 5th that he was medically disqualified, but neither he nor WWE disclosed the nature of the injury.

Both Reigns and McIntyre are out of action for right now due to suffering ruptured eardrums at Survivor Series. It’s a short-term thing and both should be back soon. Reigns is not on any of the post-Christmas shows, not even MSG. McIntyre is expected back for those shows. McIntyre was hurt at Survivor Series but kept working on it through the 12/4 house show in Portland, ME, but didn’t realize he was hurt that bad until he was examined after that show. He posted being medically disqualified on 12/5 but he and WWE did not say what the exact injury was


WWE staff recently lauded Drew McIntyre for his dedication to the company. Let’s hope Drew and Reigns recovers with the speed of light. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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