Ricochet is one of the most talented yet underrated performers in the WWE. The One and Only has been known to overcome the odds and make a name for himself in the land of giants. Ricochet recently gave his opinion on Braun Strowman’s comments regarding smaller wrestlers last month.

Ricochet made his debut in WWE NXT in 2018. He had a successful run in the developmental brand, winning the NXT North American championship on one occasion and the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The One and Only made his way to the main roster in February 2019 and has achieved success as a mid-card performer with huge potential.

The former WWE Intercontinental champion is also known to hang with stronger and bigger opponents in the ring. One of them is The Monster of All Monsters Braun Strowman who he battled just few weeks ago. Ricochet went on to give his thoughts on Strowman’s comments about smaller in-ring performers following his bout with Omos at WWE Crown Jewel. He spoke about this on After The Bell with Corey Graves.

“I don’t really put too much thought into it. Even Braun back when he said those things, like, he’s still my friend. I just put a little post to call him out, but we’re still cool, but honestly, at the end of the day I think I feel like I’ve heard it so much and I feel like coming up in the business I heard so much that, ‘I’m never going to make it to WWE. It’s the land of the giants. You’re never gonna make it.’ It’s almost just like white noise now. It’s almost just like TV static.”


Ricochet defeated Braun Strowman on the November 25th edition of SmackDown in the semi-finals of the SmackDown World Cup. He then went on to secure the victory over Santos Escobar on December 2nd edition to become the winner of the SmackDown World Cup tournament.


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