Brock Lesnar is certainly one of the most established professional wrestlers in the world. He has done a lot for the business as he dominated his competition both inside and outside the pro wrestling world. Jim Ross is also a big fan of Lesnar and defended his early booking in WWE.

Jim Ross was the head of Talent and Relations at WWE and helped sign quite a few wrestlers during that time. This included Brock Lesnar, who was signed to WWE’s developmental ground, Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Lesnar lost a televised match against Rico Constantino during his time in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He also lost in untelevised main roster matches against Lance Storm and Mr. Perfect. Other than that, his dominance was pretty apparent.

While speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross talked about Brock Lesnar losing his earlier matches and fan criticism behind it. Ross made it clear that the criticism made no sense.


“You can maximize your f*cking minutes. That is simply what you can do. Don’t tell me about how much match time they gotta have and who’s gotta go over and who’s getting a push, brother, and all that sh*t. I really could not care less. I saw something, ‘Well, Lesnar did a job on television.’ He is 20 years old. He just learned how to tie his wrestling boots here a while back. You kidding me?”

Brock Lesnar was also tired of being broke before joining WWE. It remains to be seen what WWE has planned for Lesnar next, as another match with Bobby Lashley is likely in the works.

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