Brandi Rhodes has been in the wrestling realm for while now. Apart from being a diva, she has also done very well as a businesswoman. Despite all that success, she is currently locked out of Twitter, and as a result, she cannot do podcasts anymore.

Rhodes took to Instagram stories and shared her concerns regarding not being able to post podcasts. This problem arises due to the fact that she hasn’t been able to log into her Twitter account. According to Brandi, it has been 3 days since she couldn’t log in without any subsequent help.

The former WWE diva started the podcast in October 2022. She named the show “2 Lies and 1 Truth” and labeled it as a fun and lighthearted podcast on parenting. She has a cute little daughter, Libby, and therefore she shares every topic under the sun related to parenting on her podcast alongside a celeb mom or dad.

Since her appearance on AEW Dark: Elevation in January, Brandi has not engaged in pro wrestling. She and her husband Cody Rhodes departed AEW in February. Even though Brandi was alongside Cody behind the scenes at WrestleMania 38, she hasn’t formally joined WWE.


On the “Ten Count” podcast, Brandi Rhodes was questioned about whether WWE viewers may anticipate seeing her join her husband in the ring. She remarked that Cody doesn’t require her at the moment, but if he did, then they may talk about it. Although Brandi claimed in July that she was still preparing for a future in-ring comeback, the rumors seem to have died down.

Brandi Rhodes doesn’t seem to have any wrestling plans in the future. Her podcast paved a way for her to explore different things in life. Now that she is consumed with the show, we hope to see her back as soon as her Twitter issue gets resolved.

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Anirban Biswas

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