Sonya Deville first made her NXT debut in 2015 and within just a couple of years in the black and gold brand, Deville made her main roster debut. Sonya Deville comes from an MMA background, which adds a sense of legitimacy to her.

Despite her MMA acumen, Sonya Deville hasn’t been properly used on WWE programming. She spent several months in a non-wrestling role before finally returning to in-ring action. However, WWE have been reluctant to push her.

Sonya Deville was even buried in her mini feud with Liv Morgan. In fact, her last televised match was almost a month ago on the November 11th edition of SmackDown where she participated and lost a 6-way match. Her last match in general was on November 25th as she beat Kiana James in a dark match before SmackDown. Recently, she took to Twitter to let everyone know that she wants to wrestle.

“I want to wrestle!”


Sonya Deville seems frustrated that she hasn’t been able to wrestle in recent weeks. We will have to wait and see how what WWE has in store for her in the future. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story.

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