Anthony Bowens is looking to be one of the exciting prospects in All Elite Wrestling. One half of The Acclaimed is currently enjoying his time in Tony Khan’s promotion. However, the AEW President did not give the heads-up to Bowens for a popular catchphrase that he screamed out.

Anthony Bowens, alongside his partner Max Caster, was signed to AEW in 2020. They defeated Swerve in Our Glory at AEW Grand Slam 2022 to win the AEW Tag Team championships. Bowens’ victory made him the first openly gay superstar to become champion in AEW.

The 31-year-old star once screamed out the now famous ‘Scissor Me Daddy Ass’ to signal the arrival of The Acclaimed and getting the audience to chant ‘ass boys’ at Billy Gunn’s sons, Austin and Colten. The catchphrase is now frequently used by The Acclaimed, who are being managed by Billy Gunn himself. Bowens recently went on to speak about the catchphrase’s origin on Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend.

“I was in the wheelchair at the time, we were in a faction with the Gunn Club, their father used to be Mr. Ass, I branded him Daddy Ass, the sons are the Ass Boys, at least that’s how we made fun of them. Since our dynamic was a big brother-little brother thing, we liked each other, kind of, we would always poke fun at them. After Max’s rap, I would get the crowd to say, ‘Let me hear you say Ass Boys.’ I didn’t have a close to it, it would always just awkwardly end. Before one of the entrances, before we were about to go live, I was sitting in the wheelchair and I was giggling to myself, ‘What if I screamed scissor me Daddy Ass!’ It made me laugh. I didn’t have time to run it, I wouldn’t run it by anybody anyway, even though I probably should. We went out there, did the Ass Boys thing, I screamed ‘Scissor me Daddy Ass’ at the top of my lungs, he gave me the scissor handshake, we came back, nobody said anything to me.


“I went on Twitter, saw it was trending. The next week, there were signs for it. I was like, ‘We have to keep doing this every week.’ That became my close, and it turned into this crazy thing that where at first they didn’t want to give us the shirt because they wouldn’t clear it. Putting ’scissor me Daddy Ass,’ for Time Warner, standards and practices, it’s a hard thing to put on a t-shirt apparently, but I kept fighting for it because I knew there was a growing want for it and a growing desire for me to keep yelling for it and scissor this wrestling legend every week. It came out and is the number one selling t-shirt of 2022.”

Anthony Bowens stated on September 2nd that the “Scissor Me Daddy Ass” shirt would be sold on AEW Shop. The Acclaimed will defend the AEW Tag Team Championships against FTR on this Wednesday’s edition of AEW Dynamite.

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