Charlotte Flair is regarded as one of the greatest female WWE superstars of all time. The 14-time World champion has conquered every major accolade during her nearly 10-year stint in WWE. The Queen revealed an unscripted incident during her rivalry with Sasha Banks back in NXT in her book.

Sasha Banks was called up to the WWE main roster alongside Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch as a part of the Women’s Revolution. Banks went to carve out a successful career much like her contemporary, Charlotte Flair. However, The Boss walked out of Monday Night RAW in May 2022 and has not been seen on WWE television programming since then.

The Queen recently detailed out an incident from their historic feud during their days in NXT in 2014. Charlotte Flair was the reigning NXT Women’s champion at the time and was set to defend her title against Sasha Banks at TakeOver: R Evolution. Despite being real-life friends, Sasha Banks went off-script to insult Flair during a segment. Charlotte disclosed the incident in her autobiography, Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte.”

“I knew where the segment was going in terms of setting us up for our match. I didn’t realize that she was going to take one of my DO IT WITH FLAIR T-shirts and cut it, so it would say, DO IT LIKE A BOSS. I also didn’t know she was going to say negative things about my dad. At one point, she even referred to him as a ‘pathetic old man.’ That’s when I knew that the fire people saw from the Boss character had truly arrived—it was real.” 


Charlotte Flair further elaborated that Sasha Banks felt “passed over and underutilized.” She understood The Blueprint’s actions, however but was unhappy that Sasha did not discuss it with her first.

“I would’ve been fine with all those things. I just thought Sasha would’ve spoken to me about them first. The situation was disappointing, especially when I remember how we came up together. I never imagined that I’d become alienated from someone I had so admired professionally and someone I considered a friend. I thought we’d be working ‘together’ in every sense of the word, but I was wrong.” 

Sasha Banks was defeated by Charlotte Flair at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution to retain her title. Flair would go on to hold the title for about two months before dropping it to Sasha Banks in February 2015 at NXT TakeOver: Rival.

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