Renee Paquette was working in WWE for eight years until she parted ways with the company back in the Summer of 2020. She departed from the company after FOX’s WWE Backstage show was cancelled. Paquette eventually made her way to AEW and has now revealed the nature of her contract with the company.

Renee Paquette made her shocking debut in AEW back in October, much to the delight of fans all over the world. Since then, Paquette has been a regular fixture of AEW programming, conducting compelling interviews, among others things.

While speaking to Richard Deitsch on the Sports Media Podcast, Renee Paquette revealed that she has a three-year talent and producer contract with Tony Khan’s company.

”I’ve got a multiple year (deal). I have a three-year deal with AEW. Three years as talent and three-year producer contract. I have two different contracts.


I would love for that role to evolve. The thing with AEW is it is a wrestling company, it is a matches heavy show, it’s not necessarily about the broadcast in the way that WWE was. It’s about great matches and showcasing talent in a different way. I love doing interviews and backstage interviews, especially working with younger talent that maybe has not been in that kind of situation before. There are so many people that I’m dying to do proper sit-down interviews with.

I want to spend time with somebody and really unpeel those layers and figure out who some of these characters to push stories forward and give context to fans as to who some of these wrestlers are, even though some of these wrestlers are world renowned stars, if you’re a casual fan you might not know who they are. I would love to provide more context in who they are. To do that on the television side is something I would love to do. As well as, finding other ways to expand my role throughout the show.

I have a couple ideas of things I want to do and I’m hoping to have those conversations and maybe execute those things in the new year. I do think I bring a lot more value than just doing….I could do backstage interviews in my sleep. That’s somewhere I would love to put on more of my producer hat and help get someone else brushed up to doing backstage interviews in their fullest capacity, whether on the wrestling or broadcasting side, to look at it from a different perspective is something I enjoy.”

Renee Paquette is set to host a sitdown interview with AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. Paquette is here for the long haul and fans couldn’t be happier about that fact.

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