Renee Paquette was a strong part of WWE for a long time, fulfilling his role under the moniker of Renee Young on the WWE Backstage. However, now that she parted ways with the company, the diva might have a lot of opportunities awaiting her at AEW.

During an interview with Wrestling Inc. Daily, Renee noted that her non-compete with WWE is almost up, and she’s not ruling out possible run with AEW. She told the host:

My non-compete with WWE is nearly up. I don’t ever want to separate myself from professional wrestling. I know that’s where my fanbase comes from; I know that’s essentially going to always be my bread and butter — and I love that. I love professional wrestling, so I’m not looking to ‘get away’ from it by any stretch.

As she stated that she’s not looking to work away from professional wrestling, she affirmed the idea in her next statement, but still pointed out that while the possibilities are innumerable, she hasn’t given it much thought.


Looking at AEW, I think there are endless opportunities of other things I could be doing over there, if that was to be something that came up down the line. I’ve honestly not put much thought into it. That’s interesting to be like, ‘Oh, wait! I can do wrestling things again!’

Renee Paquette has amassed a strong following over the years, and with her husband Jon Moxley being strong part of AEW, it’s no doubt that adding Paquette to the team will boost viewership for the wrestling promotion as well.

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Nitish Vashishtha

Nitish Vashishtha is a freelance writer/contributor from India. He’s written content for companies like ScoopWhoop and Sportskeeda. He’s been writing about pop-culture, current affairs and pro-wrestling since 2017.

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