Randy Savage had an incredible career in WWE. Standing alongside other legends like Hulk Hogan, he was a titan of his time. Now, one of his famous costumes sold for a large amount on Pawn Stars.

The popular pawn shop themed show, “Pawn Stars,” has featured many relics from history. During the show, a man walked in and started chatting about how much someone would pay for a signed Randy Savage costume. In the end, Rick Harrison’s son, Corey Harrison, paid $5,000 for the famous attire.

The “Mega Power” logo was printed on a hat and other items of clothing that were red and yellow. The reference was to Savage’s partnership with Hulk Hogan. The person selling the suit disclosed that Savage had initially given it to him as a present because he served as “The Macho Man’s” wedding photographer in 2010.

Hogan sported predominantly red and yellow clothing in the 1980s and the early 1990s. In 1987, Savage and Hogan founded group called The Mega Powers. The group broke up, nevertheless, when Savage objected to Hogan’s attention to his attendant Miss Elizabeth.


The WWE Hall of Famer experienced several legendary moments while he was wrestler. He later played a huge role in the main event for WrestleMania IV and V. Savage held six world championships during the course of his 32-year career, and his legacy is obviously still worth a lot.

Given the stature and legacy of Macho Man, it was inevitable for the costume to be sold at such a price. $5,000 might feel a little too expensive for an average person, however, for a WWE fan, it’s an invaluable piece of history.

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