WWE rechristened their perceived top superstar, Terry Bollea, as the larger-than-life ‘Hulk Hogan’ who went on to become the biggest WWE superstar in the golden age of wrestling. However, the name for WWE’s poster boy during the most important era cost them hundreds of dollars, and now a WWE Hall of Famer has shed some light on the subject.

Kevin Nash spoke about the WWE engaging with Marvel to claim right to the ‘Hulk’ name who was the super-sized green superhero from the popular Marvel series. Nash and Hogan were the founders of one of the most legendary factions alongside Scott Hall. They came to be known together as the nWo.

The WWE Hall of Famer clarified the trademark dispute side of the professional wrestling industry. He further delved into the complexities of trademarks, pointing out how some celebrities, like 16-time World Champion John Cena, have WWE trademark their real names. He spoke about this on his “Kliq This” podcast.

“It should only be able to be registered, but not trademarked. And then you would have to sign a merchandising agreement. I don’t see how they can trademark it.”


Kevin Nash further revealed that WWE actually had to pay Marvel a six figure amount for the use of the trademark. After all, Marvel had it first with the Incredible Hulk.

“It was Marvel, and [WWF] paid, I wanna say one hundred grand, to use the Hulk trademark.”

Kevin Nash recently suffered a big personal loss due to his son Tristen passing. He fulfilled his late son’s wish of the YouTube account for his Kliq This podcast to reach 100,000 subscribers with the help of his fans and friends. In the end, he has a lot of stories about pro wrestling, and we can only imagine what he has left to tell us about working with Hulk Hogan.


Do you think Kevin Nash will return to WWE television programming to overcome his big loss? Sound off in the comments!

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