Becky Lynch has become one of the biggest stars of the WWE ever since she transitioned into The Man. She is over with the fans and is currently on a whole other level. All this popularity has awarded opportunities outside WWE as well.

Becky Lynch started her acting career in films such as Rumble and The Marine 6. Apart from that, rumors started doing the rounds that Becky Lynch would be appearing in a Marvel film. Although Fightful’s paywall confirmed that she had a role, nobody from Marvel went on record to confirm it at the time.

Marvel sources have now confirmed the rumors to be true. Unfortunately, her scenes were left on the cutting room floor. The outlet was informed that the movie Becky Lynch filmed for was the Marvel Eternals where she was supposed to appear in the post-credit scent.

Despite the scene getting nixed, the outlet was told that there is a possibility that Lynch could feature in future Marvel films since they were happy with her performance. Another source informed Frightful that Lynch’s scene also featured Harry Styles, who played Starfox.


“One person with knowledge of the situation claimed that the post-credits scene was “too depressing,” but we didn’t gain any additional context. Another source indicated that pop star Harry Styles would have been involved in her scene, as he played Starfox,” per Fightful Select.

Given that the future of Marvel Eternals is in doubt owing to mixed reviews and an underwhelming box office performance, it remains to be seen where Becky Lynch would fit in the MCU if she gets cast again. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we update you as this story develops.

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