William Regal has made great contributions to the pro wrestling world, having dedicated his entire life to the sport. Regal, along with numerous other members of Paul Levesque’s favorite staff, joined AEW in January 2022 after being released from WWE. Rumors about William Regal’s possible WWE return have been circulating recently.

Following a recent story involving William Regal, many AEW stars are believed to be doubting Tony Khan’s booking. Regal was attacked during Dynamite by MJF with the brass knuckles Regal had previously loaned him at Full Gear. He was stretchered out, therefore ruining any hopes of MJF and Regal establishing a long-term alliance.

In the Latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that a “lot of talent” in AEW has questioned Tony Khan’s booking decision. It seems strange that Regal was put front and center of a story involving the AEW World Championship title change, only to be written off the television a few weeks later.

But all that is fine, but I can’t understand putting so much heel steam to the point of being the point man in stealing the title on Regal, when it was known by the key people by this point he was gone in a few weeks. I mean, story or not, the guy was leaving. A lot of talent has questioned that in the same way now that everyone knows he’s leaving.


As previously reported, William Regal’s AEW contract was actually up this December. Previously, it was believed that Regal was tied in for three years, making WWE return seem unlikely. William Regal’s next steps are yet to be confirmed, but “all signs” lead to WWE.

Previously, scrapped spots for William Regal’s exit were revealed. The debate is becoming extremely tangled by the day; let’s see where it goes. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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