Following her second pregnancy, Lacey Evans made a return to WWE Television earlier this year, sporting a new gimmick. Recently, she has talked about the challenges of returning to the ring after her second pregnancy.

On a recent episode of Brandi Rhodes’ “2 Lies and 1 Truth” podcast, the WWE star opened up about her return to in-ring training took an emotional toll on her. Evans gave birth to her second daughter in mid-October and resumed training six weeks later.

“It’s been different emotionally, I actually went back and I was at the PC training six weeks to the day postpartum. It was difficult, more so emotionally. Even still now when you’re breastfeeding and you’re raising this tiny baby that needs you every second. That was the hardest part, I think, and is the hardest part, is her being so young and needing me on such an intimate level, so I just have to make it work.”

To make sure she didn’t “lose her spot completely” in the WWE, Evans lifted at low intensity and did exercises that were less stressful on the body like squats during the first six weeks of recovery postpartum.


Lacey Evans fought her last match as part of a six-pack challenge to determine the next challenger to SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. After losing the match, she sent made a point that she would return to basics, teasing massive character change.

Currently, she is awaiting a call from WWE to get back into the ring. Let’s what WWE has in store for Evans.

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