Elon Musk is no stranger to controversy. Over the past several weeks, Musk has made headlines due to his recent acquisition of Twitter. Since taking over Twitter, he has made several controversial and drastic changes to the platform, such as unbanning people like Andrew Tate and Donald Trump, along with charging for verification.

Musk has even posted controversial tweets as well. Recently, the Tesla founder took to Twitter to post a photo of his bedside table. The photo contains two guns and a couple of opened cans of caffeine-free Diet Coke.

Logan Paul took this as an opportunity to troll Elon Musk. He posted a picture of his bedside table. Paul’s pic consisted of a gun, a Pokémon card, a candle, and a couple of bottles of Prime.

My bedside table


Elon Musk certainly isn’t one to shy away from confrontation, and he probably won’t hesitate to fire a shot at Logan Paul. We will have to wait and see if this builds into an entertaining Twitter feud. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story.

Check out Logan Paul’s tweet:

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