Finn Balor has experienced a career resurgence since taking over as leader of The Judgment Day. Together the group has destroyed Edge and Beth Phoenix, and they also are responsible for Rey Mysterio changing brands to SmackDown. No doubt Judgment Day is at the top of its game, and now Finn Balor has some new kicks to show off.

The group gives out a gothic vibe, and they are synonymous with the color purple. Therefore, Finn Balor decided to purchase a pair of Nike Jordans that match the Judgment Day’s colors. Balor took to Instagram to post a picture of his new shoes.

Air Jordans are one of the most expensive and popular brands of shoes available. They are not easy to get their hands on, especially customs like this. One can only imagine how much Finn Balor must have paid for these custom Air Jordans, if they weren’t a gift.

The Judgment Day is currently feuding with The O.C. While it looked like their feud would end at WWE Survivor Series WarGame, yesterday’s episode of RAW indicated that this feud is far from over.


What do you make of Finn Balor’s new shoes? Let us know in the comments section.

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